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The Aspiring Authors Summit
Are you ready to learn how to become a published writer and work with your fears?
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Book coming Fall 2018 - learn how these women created this book together!
Welcome to the Aspiring Writer's Summit! This summit is perfect for anyone that has ever dreamed of writing a book and would love to hear from author's who are taking the step towards calling themselves published writers! (not self-published).
Would you love to:
  • Write: You have a swirl of ideas in your head but you have a hard time putting them down on paper. You love writing but can never seem to commit to it 100%.
  • Believe: One of the biggest obstacles of taking ownership of the title writer is self-belief. You wonder if your story is even worth sharing. 
  • Questions: Where do you begin? How do you take your idea and actually put it out there? Where do you start? Who do you share it with? How do you find your own voice in your writing?
Over the next 6 days, you will have the opportunity to listen to writers who have all asked themselves these questions and have faced their doubts and fears about putting their work out into the world.
You are one Video away from Becoming the Author you dream of being.
There is power when people come together to share their stories. This summit is possible because of a group of women who chose to share theirs with the intention to open up their hearts to their own healing and in the process extend a hand to another woman who may be going through a very similar life experience.

As each of them share why they decided to step into the world of Authorship we will also be going deeper into why they chose to do it in this format and what they learned about the writing process from a variety of perspectives. 
Meet the Authors
     "I wanted to make an impact."
    "To inspire other busy, exhausted, women, mothers and wives."
    "To Create."
Momma, Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Leader, Author, Speaker, Soul Coach
Coryn Pawliw
Intuitive Energy Healer, Spiritual Guide, Writer.

Sonia Greer
International Life Coach, Author, Speaker.

Narelle Clyde

Kirsten Stuckenberg
A channel for Her grace, a space holder for integration, an infinite unfolding, Teacher, Student, Facilitator, Author
Miranda Sophia
Soul Body Healer

Effie Mitsko
Just a girl with a pen, using her words to emerge from her past & light a path for tomorrow.
Lauren Janee
Writer, Philosopher, Storyteller, Manifestor, Nature Lover, Space Traveller, Cancer Thriver, Human.
Tina Schomburg
Writer, Editor, Dreamer.

Sara Gustafson
Birthplace: Earth 
Race: Human 
Politics: Freedom 
Religion: L O V E 
Philosophy: Be Kind
Briana Gagne
Creative & Writer at Emergence Creative, Love, Grace, Family, Nature, Lifestyle

Michelle Tonn
Expansion Coach, Gifted Lightworker, Published Author, Global Entrepreneur, Deliverer of Dreams & Desires

“LOVE conquers ALL!”
Leisa Nadler
Certified Health Coach, Author and Founder of Embracing the Mess Health and Wellness.

Stephanie Davis
The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is now. 
Michelle Chan
4x Best Selling Author, Women’s Empowerment Book Publisher, Community Developer, Business Mentor, Boss-woman.

Ky-Lee Hanson
Thinker, dreamer, believer.

Gagan Mann
Coach, student, writer, seeker.
Connecting mind, body, & soul.
Embracing the messy with love & compassion.
Nicole Marie
Mamapreneur, greatness extractor, beauty magnifier, community creator, leading from the love.
Sarah Rhinelander
Join us over the next 10 days and lean into the wisdom that will be shared here.
If you have always dreamed about writing a book this summit is totally for you! You will walk away from each of these videos feeling excited, capable and ready to pick up your pen and get started on your epic creation as well!
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Sending you lots of love,

Cassie Jeans
P.S.: I didn't want to spill the beans but there are other goodies in this summit you won't want to miss! Register now by clicking the button above. xo. 
These two authors were not able to record their interviews for the summit but are very much a part of the book that is featured on this page.
Author. Mother. Coach. Entrepreneur. Pisces. Cashier.

Charleyne Oulton
mom, wife, author, boss babe, entrepreneur YouTube creator, owner/operator busy, busy, busy bee.
Jennifer Boudreau
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